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Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2004, 16:14

Detailed maps not working after reinstall (TTQV 2.0)

Hi. I've been using TTQV 2.0 for a few years (I have the 3-CD set for Ontario Canada), during which time I've had to wipe out and reinstall my entire system a number of times (due to hardware upgrades, crashes, etc). After each reinstall of the system I was always able to reinstall and use TTQV with no problems. This time, it's not working quite right.

When it was working properly, I was able to select a name from the GNDB, and X-plorer would prompt me to insert the appropriate CD. That no longer happens... the only choices I have now are "USA", "North America", "The World", and "Canada"... all of which are very high-level detail) maps.

I've spent hours going over the Help, but nothing helps.

Why does it no longer prompt me for the CDs?



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Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2004, 16:33


well you probably answered the question by yourself. TTQV did it many times
before, now it doesn´t. So you have either made a mistake on installation,
on settings, or you applied changes to your PC-environment which are
incompatible to this outdated version of TTQV.
So, what are the differences compared to your previous installation?
- What kind of PC
- What version of Windows do you use
- What ressources does your PC have, memory, diskspace....

TTQV2.0 is that different compared to the latest TTQV3 that I will hardly be
able to provide any tricky fixes, as I simply do not have this TTQV version
any more. I think it would be best to use a more recent version of TTQV.

With more recent versions of TTQV, you simply copy all maps from your
CDs to a folder of your harddrive and import from your harddrive to
TTQV. You will never again have to change CDs and viewing maps is
significantly quicker.
Jockel (QV-Admin)

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Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2004, 16:42

I figured it out

Hi Jockel.

Trust me, I do understand that it is difficult to support older versions of software. ;-)

I finally did figure this out. I was pretty sure that I needed to "Import Map CD-ROM or Directory", but that option was always greyed-out when I viewing the GNDB. Then I noticed that it was NOT greyed-out when I selected "New Database". I took a gamble at trying that, and it now works as it did before.

Odd... I really don't remember ever doing that before, but I obviously must have.

Thanks for your response.