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Montag, 2. Oktober 2017, 14:09

calibration files

Dear sir,

I have a question about the georeferenced files.

Can i import in qv 4 or qv7 the calibration file .points?

Thank you

Best regards

Valerio Artina


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Dienstag, 3. Oktober 2017, 20:09

Hello Valerio,
no, in QV you cann`t use *.point Files for a map calibration.
It is the first time, that i hear about these files. Could you please tell us to which programm these files belong to?
Perhaps someone has than an idea to help you.



Mittwoch, 4. Oktober 2017, 11:04

Thank you for your answer!

The .points files are produced by a georeferencing program called "QGIS"

Do you know?

thank you

Best Regards


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Mittwoch, 4. Oktober 2017, 13:49

Sure, but I would not call QGIS a "georeferencing program". ;)

Try this:

1. Rename your *.points file to *.gcp and try to import the map again into QV, additionally you will have to specify the projection.

2. If that does not work, load the map in QGIS, right-click it in the layer manager and select "save as...", QGIS will then create a geotiff from your map which you can load in QV.

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