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QuoVadis (aka Tom) hat es geschafft! Neu, kompatibel mit QuoVadis7 für Microsoft Windows:
Three for the road, unser mobiles Trio, QuoVadis Mobile für iOS, Android und Windows Phone
Unsere Apps für die Smartphone Betriebssysteme, vollwertige standalone Navi und Tracker,
im Datenaustausch kompatibel zu QuoVadis 7.1. Karten können aus QV7.1 für QVM exportiert werden!



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Montag, 9. Oktober 2017, 13:11

Possibe error message starting QV7 since 29.09.2017 switching to new homepage

Since switching our Homepage/Shop to new Layout and Hoster
an error message may happen when starting QV7
. This is the case if you selected the in QV-Xplorer the entry
"Download Packages", or "My QV-Shop maps"
Please open this column only by clicking on the small "+" beside
"Download Packeges and avoid hitting
"Download Packages", or "My QV-Shop maps"
You may without a problem hit "QV-Map Downloads", to download
free "QV-OSM map" packages.

In case you did touch the buggy entry, thre are two options:

A) You may start QV7 anew and immediately try to touch whatever
other entry in QV-Xplorer, may not be easy, the error happens quickly.
If you manage to click, the error will happen one more time and will be
gone after the next start of QV7.
B) delete the file "qv7.ini" This is usualy located at

As soon as the next update is available (>=QV7.3.0.31), this
problem will be gone!

Sorry for this trouble!
Jockel (QV-Admin)

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